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The Four Types of Feminists You Should Know

In my journey through life, I’ve come across various types of “feminists”, especially as a Black woman from Nigeria. These encounters have been a trip, and I’d like to take you on a wild ride through the world of “Nigerian feminists.” Prepare to be amused.

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First up, we’ve got the “No woman can do wrong in my eyes” crew. Yeah, I know, it sounds crazy, right? These were the individuals who blindly supported Amber Heard over Johnny Depp, despite the mountain of evidence against her. Truth and facts don’t matter to them; they’re all about unwavering loyalty and blind solidarity to women. They advocate for gender equality until it’s time to hold women accountable. These ones have turned gender into their ultimate goal.

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Then we have the second group, the clowns. They are also known as bandwagon feminists. These are the ones who believe they’re feminists just because they pay their own bills or don’t ask men for urgent 100k. They cannot differentiate between being independent and being a feminist.  They very often caption their pictures with cringe-worthy things like “Strong woman” because they handled their own hair or paid their own rent. These ones didn’t get the memo on adulting, and deep down, they’re driven by neediness and entitlement, with a sprinkle of greed.

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The third category are the real deal—the true Naija feminist. These are the ones who embody feminism without bragging about it. Some are vocal and unapologetic, with “feminist” proudly displayed in their bios. But most lead quiet lives, makin’ moves and slayin’ the game. They’re CEO-ing, working fulfilling jobs, building thriving businesses, or maybe trying to figure out their lives, winging it, crying and wiping their tears, falling and rising, loving their partners, supporting fellow women, speaking up in boardrooms, challenging patriarchal norms, and fighting against oppressive systems. Their lives are so inspiring whether or not they got it figured out, and you could write a whole book about them. These ones don’t play the victim, they are playing the game called life.

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But hold up, there is one more category; the masqueraders with serious heartbreak baggage. These ones despise men because of some Mayowa or Femi who shattered their hearts and took the pieces with them. Understandably, they’re angry and bitter, rightfully so. However, their knowledge of feminism is as limited as their playlist on repeat. They’re the loudest voices online, bordering on misandry or fully embracing it. They’re fueled by justified anger against oppression and abuse, but ask ’em ’bout the different waves of feminism, and they’ve never heard of it.

What really is Feminism?

Let’s break it down real quick. Feminism, at its core, is all about advocating for gender equality. It isn’t some devilish concept that threatens marital love or submission. Nah, it’s about recognizing that we are all created equal, in God’s image, no less. Spirits have no gender, and no oppressive system should hold anyone back from becomin’ their true selves. Equality doesn’t mean we have to be the same, but we all get a fair shot at livin’ our best lives.

Here is my point, feminism has been demonised and misrepresented time and time again. To put it simply, feminism is the reason women can vote, go to school, have any career at all, or have a say in society. First-wave and second-wave feminists fought for us to get here. So lose the fake vibes of these wannabes on Twitter (the misandrists) who have the loudest voice. They are the very ones who’re making it hard for many to openly identify with the concept.

P.S Misandrists: People who hate men

Feminism is all about breaking down barriers that hold us back while embracing our uniqueness. 

So, stay true and dismantle patriarchy with style and grace.

 Now, I wanna hear from you! What’s your take on feminism? And are you reppin’ the real deal or tired of the fakes? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let’s keep this conversation going!